10 things to know about concentrated laundry detergent

10 things to know about concentrated laundry detergent

Concentrated laundry detergent, as an innovation in the modern laundry industry, boasts an intriguing history. Let's take a journey back in time to review the evolution of this cleaning agent and understand the motivation behind introducing the concept of concentrated laundry detergent.

In the last century, doing laundry was a tedious chore, and the emergence of liquid laundry detergents addressed this issue. However, traditional laundry detergents had some inconveniences in terms of cleaning efficiency and packaging. As technology advanced, people began to contemplate how to make laundry more convenient and environmentally friendly, giving birth to the concept of concentrated laundry detergent.

The inspiration for concentrated laundry detergent stemmed from the need to reduce packaging, save raw materials, and achieve superior cleaning performance. Manufacturers started earnestly developing highly efficient concentrated laundry detergents to replace traditional liquid detergents. Gradually, this concept gained widespread recognition and was promoted globally.

Today, our primary goal is to educate people about concentrated laundry detergent. We will delve into its working principles, environmental advantages, proper usage methods, and how it differs from traditional detergents. By gaining insights into this information, you will better understand the appeal of concentrated laundry detergent and why it has become a preferred choice for modern household laundry needs.

1. What is the working principle of concentrated laundry detergent:

The working principle of concentrated laundry detergent involves a series of chemical processes to remove stains and dirt. It exhibits some notable differences compared to traditional laundry detergent.

First of all, concentrated laundry detergent contains high concentrations of surfactants, chemical substances capable of dispersing and breaking down dirt. These surfactants can reduce the surface tension of water, making it easier for water to penetrate and envelop stains, effectively separating dirt from fabrics.

Secondly, concentrated laundry detergent typically contains chelating agents, chemical compounds that can capture and neutralize hard water ions in the water, such as calcium and magnesium ions. This helps prevent hard water ions from reacting with the detergent, forming insoluble residues and consequently enhances cleaning efficiency.

Additionally, concentrated laundry detergent often boasts higher cleaning enzyme activity. These enzymes can break down different types of stains, including proteins, starches, and fats, making them easier to wash away.

In comparison to traditional laundry detergent, the primary distinction of concentrated laundry detergent lies in its higher concentration. This means that less of it is required per use, reducing packaging waste and transportation costs. Furthermore, due to its higher concentration, concentrated laundry detergent typically generates more foam during the washing process, contributing to improved cleaning effectiveness.


2.Concentrated laundry detergent and environmental protection:

With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, more and more attention is focused on the impact of daily necessities on the environment. Compared with traditional laundry detergent, concentrated laundry detergent has the following significant advantages in terms of environmental sustainability:

Dramatically reduce plastic packaging waste
Concentrated laundry detergent uses a high-concentration surfactant formula so that each bottle of product can wash more clothes. According to statistics, compared with ordinary laundry detergent, the packaging volume of concentrated products is reduced by at least 2/3. If the global laundry detergent market were all converted to concentrated formulas, more than 5 million tons of plastic waste could be reduced every year, significantly reducing the pressure on environmental protection.

Reduce carbon footprint
Because concentrated products are smaller and lighter, the transportation carbon emissions of the same quantity of products can be reduced by more than 30%. Plus, its revolutionaryly efficient formula means significantly less usage and waste. One study shows that using concentrated laundry detergent can save an average household 15 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Optimize packaging design
Some brands are using plant-based and biodegradable plastics to create more environmentally friendly packaging. For example, using bags instead of bottles, using shrink film packaging made of 80% plant-based plastic, etc. Many concentrated laundry detergent brands are also increasing the proportion of recycled materials in their packaging.

Save water
The highly concentrated formula of concentrated laundry detergent requires less water to deliver equal or better cleaning results. Based on the number of washes, each household can reduce washing water consumption by about 200 liters per year.

More efficient shipping and storage
Concentrated products can package a greater amount of washing dosage in a single package. This not only reduces transportation losses, but also significantly saves storage space and energy.

3.Tips for using concentrated laundry detergent correctly

Concentrated laundry detergent is popular because of its unique and efficient formula, but improper use can also affect the washing effect. Here are some best practices for using concentrated laundry detergent so you can enjoy its powerful stain-removing properties.

1. The dosage should be precise

Concentrated laundry detergent has a high concentration, so the dosage should be small but precise. Generally speaking, whether it is hand washing or machine washing, the amount of concentrated laundry detergent is only 1/3 of ordinary laundry detergent. As for the specific amount, generally a piece of clothing only requires 1-2 ml, and no more than 5 ml at most. Be careful not to pour too much. Excessive amounts will leave residues that are difficult to rinse off and may adhere to clothes and cause damage.

2. Water distribution should be sufficient

To fully dissolve and spread concentrated laundry detergent, be sure to add enough water. The washing machine uses about 1/4 of the maximum water level. For hand washing, you need to add enough water to the basin to completely flush out the laundry detergent. Insufficient water will cause the laundry detergent to accumulate and fail to work.

3. Add water first and then laundry detergent

Since concentrated laundry detergent is viscous and has strong adhesion, you should add enough water first and wait until it dissolves before adding it to the clothes. If you add laundry detergent first and then water, it may cause the laundry detergent to adhere directly to the clothes, which is not conducive to washing.

4. Use gentle procedures

Concentrated laundry detergent itself contains powerful ingredients, so there is no need to choose a strong washing program. Excessive mechanical agitation will prevent the laundry detergent from functioning effectively. The gentle program is better suited to the properties of concentrated laundry detergent.

5. Do not over mix

When hand washing, avoid excessive friction and prolonged soaking. Select the deceleration dehydration program of the washing machine. Excessive mechanical action will destroy the structure of the laundry detergent microcapsules and reduce surface activity.

6. Rinse thoroughly

After using concentrated laundry detergent, be sure to rinse vigorously with plenty of water to remove any residue. Incomplete rinsing can cause laundry detergent residue to build up on clothing.

By following the above principles, you can take advantage of the unique advantages of concentrated laundry detergent while avoiding side effects caused by improper use. Be sure to use it according to the accurate usage instructions on the label to make your clothes look brand new.

4. What is the addvantages of concentrated laundry detergent

Compared with ordinary laundry detergent, concentrated laundry detergent has the following unique advantages:

The packaging volume is small, storage and transportation are more convenient, and the storage space can be reduced by nearly half.

With less usage, a bottle of concentrated laundry detergent can wash more clothes and has a longer service life.

The concentrated formula can penetrate deeper into the fiber to remove stubborn stains, and the cleaning effect is good.

More environmentally friendly, significantly reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions.

Using advanced technology, such as fragrance microencapsulation coating, it can continuously release freshness.

It has better cost performance, and the washing cost per piece of clothing is lower.

Easy to carry, suitable for carrying on business trips and travels.

Although the price is slightly higher when you first buy it, in the long run, concentrated laundry detergent is more cost-effective and more in line with the needs of sustainable development.

5. The comparison between concentrated laundry detergent and ordinary laundry detergent

In comparison, ordinary laundry detergent has the following characteristics:

The price is slightly lower and more suitable for price-sensitive consumers.

The usage habits are mainstream and it is easier for users to get started.

More diverse choices, such as soft type, color protection type, etc.

It does not have high requirements on water quality, and it can still perform basic functions even if the water quality is hard.

The cleaning power is weak after a single use, but it can be replenished by increasing the dosage.

Good tolerance to vigorous stirring and prolonged soaking.

Packaging and transportation have a greater impact on the environment.

It is easier to control the dosage when using it, and a small amount can be used in excess.

Therefore, ordinary laundry detergent is easier to use, but in terms of long-term sustainability, concentrated laundry detergent is more advanced and environmentally friendly. The use of both needs to be measured according to your own circumstances.

6. Common ingredients of concentrated laundry detergent

The effectiveness of laundry detergent mainly depends on the ratio and synergy of its specific ingredients. The main ingredients in concentrated laundry detergent include:

  • 15-40% surfactant: provides strong detergency
  • Solubilizer: Enhance the effect of surfactant
  • Chelating agents: soften water
  • Enzymes: break down protein fat stains
  • Bleach: dissolves dye to remove stubborn stains
  • Fragrances and softeners: giving laundry products extra functionality

The formulation of these ingredients is extremely precise and requires professional research and development to achieve the optimal ratio and exert a synergistic effect. Some homemade concentrated laundry detergents often do not work well because it is very difficult to replicate this precise formula.

7. Market Prospects of Concentrated Laundry Detergent

In recent years, concentrated laundry detergent has rapidly occupied the market and has strong growth momentum. The main reasons behind it are:

Consumers are becoming more aware of environmental protection and are in need of plastic-reduced and low-carbon products.

Advances in advanced technology, such as synergistic formulations of surfactants.

For the pursuit of efficiency and economy, concentrated laundry detergent just meets this demand.

It is more in line with the fast-paced life and is convenient and quick to use.

The capacity of washing machines is becoming smaller, and it is more suitable to use high-concentration and high-efficiency products.

Transportation and storage cost considerations also promote concentrate products.

It is expected that in the next 5-10 years, concentrated laundry detergent will dominate the laundry product market and may even become a standard formula. By then, the packaging and transportation of laundry detergent will also be more environmentally friendly.

8. Steps to make your own concentrated laundry detergent

Want to make your own more environmentally friendly concentrated laundry detergent? Try the following steps:

Use natural decontamination ingredients such as plant soaps and refined waxes to replace some chemical surfactants.

Dissolving copper carbonate into cold boiled water can enhance washing power.

Add a small amount of pure soda ash to increase the alkalinity of the wash and enhance the detergency.

Use citrus peels to extract natural essential oils to add a fresh scent to your wash.

Concentrate the formula to the right amount and each bottle of product can wash more clothes.

Try to use glass or other recyclable containers instead of plastic bottles.

Homemade concentrated laundry detergent can minimize plastic waste, use natural and harmless ingredients, and is very environmentally friendly. You can also adjust the ratio of different ingredients according to your preference.

9. Correctly store concentrated laundry detergent

As a chemical, concentrated laundry detergent also needs to be stored correctly:

Be sure to keep it sealed to prevent ingredients from evaporating.
Avoid prolonged exposure to heat, such as direct sunlight.
The storage place needs to be ventilated and dry.
Do not store with acidic chemicals.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Use it as soon as possible after opening to prevent deterioration.
Only correct storage can ensure the effectiveness and safety of concentrated laundry detergent. Attention also needs to be paid to preventing the risk of accidental ingestion by children.

10. Prospects for Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Currently, concentrated laundry detergent is rapidly replacing ordinary laundry detergent and changing the way we wash due to its super functions and environmentally friendly advantages. In the future, this trend will continue to expand. It is expected that concentrated laundry detergent will develop in the following aspects:

The synergistic technology of surfactants has been further improved and has stronger detergency.

Use biodegradable green packaging to achieve zero waste.

Adding anti-allergic ingredients will make it more suitable for children and sensitive skin.

Develop cold-active formulas that work effectively in cold water conditions.

Made of natural ingredients from plants and minerals, it is 100% green and environmentally friendly.

Small packages and solid laundry detergents are available, suitable for travel washing.

Intelligent sensor laundry detergent can sense water quality and dirt and automatically adjust the concentration.



In summary, concentrated laundry detergent, with its unique high concentration surfactant formula, realizes the improvement of washing effect and the reduction of product volume, and is more efficient and environmentally friendly compared with traditional laundry detergents. It greatly reduces plastic packaging waste and transportation carbon emissions, and can be an important way to promote the sustainable development of laundry products.

Nevertheless, concentrated laundry detergents can only be maximized if used correctly, with precise dosage and strict adherence to requirements. With the rise of environmental awareness and technological advances, concentrated laundry detergent has a bright future, and it will be optimized and upgraded in the direction of greener and more environmentally friendly. Concentrated laundry detergent is leading the way towards a more scientific, efficient and sustainable future for laundry products.

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