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Malory women hyginene product

Sanitary pads, also known as Menstrual pads or sanitary napkins, are essential feminine hygiene products designed to provide comfort and protection during menstruation.Malory promise all sanitary and period product made with 100% pure organic cotton.

  • Eco friendly

  • Non toxic

  • Skin care

  • High Quality

  • Cruelty Free

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  • Stacked MALORY Overnight Pads with Cotton beside Them - Visual Effect

    Extra Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings

    Experience unparalleled comfort and confidence throughout the night with MALORY Overnight Pads.

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  • Ultra Thin Day Sanitary Pads with Wings

    Stay fresh and confident all day with MALORY Day Sanitary Pads. Our ultra-thin pads are specially designed to provide maximum protection.

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  • Organic Cotton Overnight Disposable Period Underwear

    Stay confident and comfortable with MALORY Disposable Period Underwear. Leak-proof and absorbent, perfect for worry-free days. Say goodbye to leak!

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