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MALORY Day and Overnight Sanitary Pads Combo

MALORY Day and Overnight Sanitary Pads Combo

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Sanitary Pads Combo:

Day and Overnight Menstrual Pad Combo, designed to provide you with complete confidence and comfort throughout your menstrual cycle. This specially curated package includes both day and night pads, ensuring optimal protection and peace of mind, no matter the time of day. Our day pads offer a slim and flexible design, perfect for your active lifestyle, while our night pads feature extra length and enhanced absorbency to provide maximum coverage and leakage protection during your sleep. Experience superior comfort, reliability, and convenience with our thoughtfully designed Menstrual Pad Combo.


1. Comprehensive Protection: Our combination pack meets your various needs throughout your menstrual cycle, providing comprehensive protection.

2. Peaceful Comfort: Our day pads are designed to be thin and soft, offering a perfect fit and comfortable experience for your active lifestyle.

3. Nighttime Security: Our night pads feature longer lengths and enhanced absorption, ensuring maximum coverage and leak protection during your sleep.

4. Reliable Absorption: Our combination pack pads have excellent absorption capabilities, keeping you dry and fresh throughout the day and night.

5. Convenient Portability: Our combination pack is designed to be compact and easy to carry. Whether you're on anytime, anywhere.

Product Specification:

Day Sanitary Pads(240mm/8 Count) + Overnight Sanitary Pads(350mm/5 Count)

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