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MALORY Ultra Thin Day Sanitary Pads with Wings

MALORY Ultra Thin Day Sanitary Pads with Wings

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What is the recommended usage time for daily sanitary pads?

Daily sanitary pads are designed for daytime use and should be changed every 4 to 6 hours for optimal freshness and hygiene.

Are daily sanitary pads suitable for overnight use?

While they provide sufficient absorbency for daytime activities, it's recommended to use overnight pads for extended protection during sleep.

Can daily sanitary pads be used for heavy flow days?

Daily pads are ideal for light to moderate flow. For heavy flow days, consider using pads specifically designed for heavier menstruation.

Do daily sanitary pads have wings for added protection?

Yes, many daily pads come with wings, providing extra coverage and preventing side leaks for a more secure experience.

Are daily sanitary pads suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, most daily pads are crafted with skin-friendly materials to minimize irritation, making them suitable for users with sensitive skin.

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MALORY Day Sanitary Pads:

Stay fresh and confident all day with MALORY Day Sanitary Pads. Our ultra-thin and highly absorbent maxi pads are specially designed to provide maximum protection and a refreshing sensation. With their advanced technology and superior absorbency, these thin pads keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. Experience the freedom to move and the confidence to conquer your day with MALORY's premium sanitary pads. Choose quality, choose comfort, choose MALORY.


·Australian eco-organic cotton non-woven fabric is smooth and pro-skin for allergic skin

·3D embossed surface layer reduces 30% of skin contact surface and accelerates breathable circulation

·Micropore breathable base film with nearly 10,000 fine breathable micro-pores

·Thin as a coin with a thickness of only 0.1cm

·Delicate cut to fit the body structure curve, longitudinal infusion design, reduce bacterial infection

Product Specification:

240mm/8 Count

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Take care of your health

Core Maintenance: Taking Care of Your Personal Health

Your private parts

MALORY pads are designed with the utmost care and consideration for the female intimate area. Crafted with premium materials and innovative technology, our pads provide superior comfort, protection, and absorbency.

Sophisticated design

Featured a highly breathable and water-locking polymer that ensures a dry and comfortable experience.

With its large anti-seepage capacity, our pads provide reliable protection throughout your menstrual cycle.

Powered by Japanese Polymer SAP, they offer instant and strong absorption, effectively locking in menstrual flow without any concerns about leakage.

Embrace the confidence and security you deserve with MALORY Taxus Chinensis Pads.