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MALORY Extra Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings

MALORY Extra Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings

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What are sanitary pads made of?

Our pads are crafted from imported organic cotton, featuring an 8-layer composite design, 3D embossed breathable holes, and SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) for superior absorption and comfort.

Is it okay to wear a pad overnight?

Absolutely! Our overnight pads are designed with extra length and absorption capacity to provide leak-free protection throughout the night. You can wear them comfortably for a restful sleep.

Should I change my pad every time I pee?

While it's not necessary to change your pad every time you pee, frequent changes during the day are recommended for optimal hygiene. Our pads are designed to handle multiple discharges, ensuring you stay fresh and comfortable.

Are these pads prone to leaking at night?

No, our overnight pads are specifically crafted with features like extended length, wider coverage, and advanced absorption technology to prevent leaks and provide maximum protection during the night.

What is the difference with overnight pads?

Overnight pads are designed for extended use, typically with increased length and absorption capacity compared to regular pads. They offer superior protection during the night when blood flow might be heavier, ensuring a worry-free sleep.

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MALORY Overnight Pads:

Experience unparalleled comfort and confidence throughout the night with MALORY Overnight Pads. Specifically designed for overnight use, these maxi pads provide superior protection and absorbency. With the added feature of wings, they stay securely in place, ensuring worry-free nights. MALORY's overnight pads offer optimal comfort and reliable leakage protection, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and confident. Choose MALORY for the ultimate overnight protection.


·Core body thickness is as thin as 0.1cm, breathable and dry, allowing for breathability.

·Made with natural and pure organic cotton imported from Australia, featuring wing suspension design, creating feather-like comfort.

·Japanese high-absorbency polymer factor, locks in liquid with a capacity over 30 times its own, providing long-lasting instant absorption without reverse seepage.

·360mm extra-long wings, ensuring no worries about back leakage.

·Environmentally friendly food-grade adhesive with high viscosity, staying in place without shifting.

Product Specification:

360mm /5 Count per Pack

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Large Quantity Holder

Are You Dealing with a Large Quantity of Menstrual Flow and Frequent Leakage Issues?

Find the Perfect Solution with MALORY Sanitary Pads. Our Highly Absorbent and Leak-Proof Design Ensures You Stay Confident and Worry-Free Throughout Your Day.

Protect at night

Protect and Rest Easy at Night with MALORY Nighttime Sanitary Pads.

Our Ultra-Thin yet Highly Absorbent Pads are Specifically Designed to Provide Maximum Protection during Your Sleep.

No More Midnight Worries about Leaks or Discomfort. With MALORY, You Can Enjoy a Peaceful Night's Sleep and Wake Up Feeling Refreshed and Confident.

Directional Diversion

Experience Unmatched Protection with MALORY Sanitary Pads

Our Innovative Directional Diversion Technology Ensures No Reverse Osmosis.

Say Goodbye to Leakage Worries and Enjoy Complete Confidence throughout the Day.