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MALORY camellia scented Bulk laundry detergent 2kg

MALORY camellia scented Bulk laundry detergent 2kg

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• Eco-friendly: 100% Biodegradable material minimizes environmental impact.

• Skin-safe: Free from bleach, fluorescent agents and harmful chemicals, ensuring gentleness.

• Low sensitivity: Suitable for all skin types, promoting comfort.

• Natural formula: Prioritizes human health and environmental friendliness.

• Sustainable: Dissolves naturally, fostering eco-conscious living.

Is the camellia scent long-lasting on the laundry after washing?

Yes, MALORY's carefully crafted formula ensures that the enchanting camellia scent lingers on your clothes, giving them a pleasant and lasting fragrance. Say goodbye to stale odors and hello to a garden-fresh aroma with every wash.

Is MALORY Camellia Scented Laundry Detergent suitable for different washing machine types?

Yes, MALORY's detergent is compatible with various washing machine types, including top-loading and front-loading machines. Its versatile nature ensures you can enjoy the delightful camellia scent regardless of your washing machine model.

How much Liquid should I use for handwashing?

For handwashing 4-16 pieces of clothing, it's recommended to use 15ml of MALORY Laundry Liquid. This ensures effective cleaning while being gentle on your hands.

How about machine washing a smaller load?

If you're machine washing a load of 6-8 garments, use 25ml of MALORY Laundry Liquid. This quantity is tailored to provide optimal cleaning performance for smaller machine loads.

What's the recommended amount for machine washing a medium-sized load?

For a medium-sized machine load comprising 12-14 pieces of clothing, use 50ml of Laundry Liquid. This quantity is designed to handle a larger load efficiently, leaving your clothes fresh and clean after each wash.

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Best smelling laundry detergent:

Delight in Cleanliness with MALORY Camellia Scented Laundry Detergent. Experience the power of our premium laundry detergent as it effectively removes stains and revitalizes your garments. Infused with the alluring scent of camellia, our detergent leaves your laundry smelling fresh and inviting. Elevate your laundry routine with MALORY and enjoy the benefits of a superior laundry detergent. Net weight is about 2kg, suitable bulk laundry detergent use for every family.

Product Specification:

Net Weight is about 2KG per bottle

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Refreshing Tea-Infused Fragrance

Infused with the delightful aroma of tea, our laundry detergent resolves all your laundry issues instantly.

Enjoy the perfect blend of tea and fragrance that leaves your laundry smelling fresh and invigorating.

Delicate White Tea Aroma

The subtle fragrance of white tea invokes a sense of tranquility and joy, setting the perfect tone for a delightful day.

Sweet and elegant, yet refreshingly crisp, it captures the essence of a gentle and transparent tea charm.

Like a soft ray of dawn touching a tea field, its luminous glow flows gracefully, symbolizing the brilliance of a new generation of tender green tea.

Pure and Gentle

Gentle on the skin, leaving no residue, and effectively removes up to 99% of mites.

Easy to rinse, with antibacterial properties for added cleanliness and comfort.